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Stillwaters Runs Deep

Stillwaters Environmental Center is located next to the Carpenter Creek Estuary in Kingston, Washington. It's a place where you can experience a salt marsh, a salmon bearing stream, a duck pond, a green house and a path through a wooded area reminiscent of the Hoh Rain Forest.

Stillwaters is where you can close your eyes and hear the motion of the water wheel as its reservoirs fill with the run-off from an artesian well. If you take a deep breath while standing on the salt marsh path, you can smell the skunk cabbage, the Western Red cedar trees, and the Earth. Open your eyes and you might see the long tendrils of moss hanging from the evergreens, the shy trillium in the shade along the path, or maybe even a salmon struggling through the trials of Carpenter Creek.

No matter what you See, Hear, Smell, Touch or Taste you will not soon forget your visit to Stillwaters.

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Carpenter Creek Stream Monitoring:

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EcoFest 2006

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